undefined, acrylic on board, 50*70 cm.
left: “eternal return”, right: “angel of phrase”, acrylic and charcoal on jute, 108*75 cm.
details VML08-01 and Eternal Return

the works VML08-01 and eternal are currently (July-September 2010) exhibited at Kunstliefde, Utrecht. Both works originate from my work as mailman. VML08 (-01), the name of a postroute, is a visualization of the postroute, a translation of movement into image. crossing this route, a drawing of the dreamt walking route towards non dualism.

Eternal Return contains a circle of the regularly performed postroute including housenumbers. in charcoal male and female hormone structures, the structures between which exists space to live, to move.

left: “VML08-1”, right: “VML08-2”, acrylic and charcoal on jute, 108*75 cm.