New Rise

New Rise, part of multimedia installation at In Between festival Feb. 2018

New Rise is a multimedia installation, a work in progress, about researching the possibility of multiplicity in image, body and text. It tries to find new ways of expression, going beyond (gender) binaries and an exclusive (controlling) interpretation of being and of language. Performance

Behind this concept is the thinking of Deleuze, the Body without Organs and who always pops up is the Engel, as decribed by L. Iricaray:

“Angels tell of another incarnation, another parousia of the body. Irreducible to philosophy, theology, morality, angels appear as the messengers of ethics evoked by art, -sculpture, painting or music- without its being possible to say anything more than the gesture that represents them.

The angel is that which unceasingly passes through the envelopes or containers, goes from one side to another, reworking every deadline, changing every decision and thwarting all repetition. Angels destroy the monstrous, that which hampers the possibility of an new age, they come to herald the arrival of a new birth, a new morning.” the Real engel


introtext exhibition In Between Festival