Since four, five years, i am collecting my hair. Hair that comes from a hairdressers cut or when shave myself bold. This hair I burn and use to make visual art. This is how I search to “undefine”, to take away layers of meaning and definition from the human body, my body.

We were cosmic, after 80 years we will be cosmic again. In the meantime, just a little while actually, we are caught in human skin and through this subject to all sorts of mechanisms of classification, to standards, expressing themselves through language and social and political structures.


In ash, a body is nothing and everything in the same time, its without skin color, gender, age, ratio and ego. Equal to the other. In the same time, and that might sound strange, ashes for me represent hope. Ash has the potential to become something else, to becomeĀ  anything else.

Two works based on ashes are currently on view at Kunstliefde Utrecht as part of the Nieuwe Liefde 19 show.

From left to right: Engel8ig, working and babyportrait in ashes