since six years pluck is collecting hair. through hairdressers or self cut. the hair is burnt and used to create, a search to “undefine”, to take away layers of meaning and definition from the human body.

we were cosmic, after 80 years we will be cosmic again. in the meantime, just a little while actually, we are caught in human skin and through this subject to all sorts of mechanisms of classification, to standards, expressing themselves through language and social and political structures.


in ashes, a body is nothing and everything in the same time, without skin color, gender, age, ratio and ego. equal. besides, ashes have the potential to become something else, to become anything else.

works in ashes were the core of the Engel8ig exhibition in Berlin, september 2018, several works were shared at Kunstliefde Utrecht, as part of the exhibitions Going On (2021) and Nieuwe Liefde (2019).


some ashes_works

tomorrow, selfportrait