engel academy

the engel academy is the educational extension of plucks artists’ practice (eerstegraads art teacher). activities include among other things educational programs and workshops at the Vrijstaat, kinderkunstlocatie (on identity, DADA, text & performance), workshops at the Universität der Künste Berlin, such as: Workshop Multiplicity and ground control(s) with starting point: “Break the code, shatter the language, to find a discourse closer to the body of emotions, to the unnameable repressed by the social contract” (Kristeva).

on a regular basis, pluck provides spoken word workshops (Buiten de Binary Nijmegen, Midzomergrachtfestival Utrecht).

Some lectures:

Lezing Esthetisch Genootschap Oost-Nederland
Reading based on “Rizoom”, H. Oosterling, Deleuze Compendium